About Mrs. Reesor

Mrs. Reesor

Mrs. Reesor loves her job! She is passionate about making a difference in the world and loves that her profession affects positive change.

A lifelong learner, Mrs. Reesor studied English and History for her Honours Bachelor of Arts at Nipissing University. She also completed her Bachelor of Education at NU and went on to to complete her Masters of Education and a graduate diploma in Sustainable Education at York University.

Mrs. Reesor is the mother of two AMAZING children (ages 5 and 7) who inspire her on a daily basis with their imaginations, curiosity and endless energy. She loves to travel, read, adventure outdoors and volunteer in her community.

Mrs. Reesor has taught English, Leadership and Peer Support, Gifted/Enriched Learning Strategies and within the Life Skills Program at Barrie North Collegiate. She is also a Special Education Resource Teacher in BNC’s ‘Room 104’.

Being a part of Barrie North’s extra-curricular program at North has been an important part of Mrs. Reesor’s career, and she has been a staff advisor for the Engineering and Science Olympics Team, Model UN Team, Free the Children, Student Council, the Gifted-Enriched Advisory Council, Link Crew, and has assisted with publicity for several of the school’s musicals. She also runs the extra-curricular activities for North’s Gifted-Enriched program, including field trips, academic competitions, and student conferences.

Providing students with an engaging, enriching, and exciting classroom experience is important to Mrs. Reesor. She believes in making education relevant to the lives of students and encouraging students to see their role as local and global citizens. Student-directed learning is at the core of her teaching pedagogy and tries she to incorporate opportunities for students to take the lead in their education in all of her classes.

Mrs. Reesor learns so much from her students and feels privileged to be able to work with them at BNC!

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